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Computational Performance of Ultra-High-Resolution Capability in the Community Earth System Model, Dennis, J. M., Vertenstein M., Worley P. H., Mirin A. A., Craig A. P., Jacob R., and Mickelson S. A. , International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, Volume 26, p.5–16, (2012)
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EnCache: Improving Cache Energy Efficiency Using A Software-Controlled Profiling Cache, Mittal, Sparsh, and Zhang Zhao , IEEE International Conference On Electro/Information Technology, May, Indianapolis, USA, (2012)  (392.99 KB)
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A Modern Solver Interface to Manage Solution Algorithms in the Community Earth System Model, Evans, K. J., Salinger A. G., Worley P. H., Price S. F., Lipscomb W. H., Nichols J., III White J. B., Perego M., Edwards J., Vertenstein M., et al. , International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, Volume 26, p.54–62, (2012)
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