Research Projects

  1. RAPIDS SciDAC Institute for Computer Science and Data
  2. CLACC - OpenACC Support in Clang and LLVM
  3. PROTEAS - PROgramming Toolchain for Emerging Architectures and Systems
  4. Aspen - Abstract Scalable Performance Engineering Notation
  5. OpenARC - Open Accelerator Research Compiler
  6. Blackcomb - Using nonvolatile memory in an Exascale HPC system
  7. Vancouver - Productivity software for scalable heterogeneous computing
  8. ExMatEx Codesign Center - Exascale Co-Design Center for Materials in Extreme Environments
  9. CESAR Codesign Center - Center for Exascale Simulation of Advanced Reactors
  10. SciDAC SUPER - Institute for Sustained Performance, Energy, and Resilience
  11. Keeneland - Bringing heterogeneous GPU computing to the open NSF computational science community
  12. Panorama - Predictive Modeling and Diagnostic Monitoring of Extreme Science Workflows
  13. Oxbow - Application Characterization and Performance Analytics for Exascale Co-Design
  14. ARES - Abstract Representations for the Extreme-Scale Stack
  15. AChax - Automated Characterization of Parallel Application Communication Patterns
  16. VIA - Value Influence Analysis for Multithreaded and MPI-based Parallel Applications
  17. NVIDIA CUDA Center of Excellence


Research Directions

Since 2004, the ORNL Future Technologies Group has worked in a wide range of areas, including: