ExCL Software

Locally-built Software

In addition to the software available as part of the "official" distribution on our ExCL systems, we also provide a collection of locally-built software under /opt/shared/sw on the ExCL machines.


My suggestion for setting up your environment to use these packages is to use the 'module' command.  To set up to use 'module', your login script (e.g., .profile for ksh) can contain something like this:

  . /opt/shared/sw/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/modules-tcl85/default/init/ksh

  module load modules

  module use /opt/shared/sw/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/modulefiles

Be sure to use the init script for your own login shell (e.g., bash users should use the 'bash' script).  Also, note this init script needs to be 'dotted' for ksh, bash, and similar shells, and 'source'd' for tcsh and similar shells. (I believe most of our systems now use Tcl version 8.5.  If you run across a system that uses Tcl 8.4, adjust that part of the init script path to be modules-tcl84.)

Once that's done, you can use the following module commands:

  • module list # see which modules are loaded in your environment
  • module avail # see which modules are available to load into your environment.
  • module avail python # see which modules with a name that includes 'python' are available
  • module load python # change your environment variables (e.g., PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH) to be able to use the locally-built Python module
  • module unload python # change your environment variables so that the locally-built python module is no longer accessible

If you have problems getting module to work, or want to make a request for software to be in this shared software repository, please send a message to excl-help@email.ornl.gov.