Name Location Date
2nd Intern. Workshop on HyperTransport Research and App.(WHTRA) Heidelberg, Germany 2011-02-09
PPoPP San Antonio, TX, USA 2011-02-12
INTERACT-15 San Antonio, TX, USA 2011-02-12
HPCA-17 San Antonio, TX, USA 2011-02-12
HipHaC'11 San Antonio, TX, USA 2011-02-13
9th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies(FAST '11) San Jose, CA, USA 2011-02-15
PARMA 2011 Lake Como, Italy 2011-02-23
PPoPP 2012 New Orleans, LA, USA 2011-02-25
ACM TECS Special Issue on Application Specific Processors To be Published 2011-02-28
ASPLOS 2011 Newport Beach, CA, USA 2011-03-05
4th Workshop on General Purpose Processing Using GPUs Newport Beach, CA, USA 2011-03-05
2nd Annual Non-Volatile Memories Workshop La Jolla, California, USA 2011-03-06
3rd Workshop on GCC Research Opportunities (GROW 2011) Chamonix, France 2011-04-02
CGO 2011 Chamonix, France 2011-04-02
SMART 2011 Chamonix, France 2011-04-02
Workshop on Systems for Future Multi-Core Architectures(SFMA'11) Salzburg, Austria 2011-04-10
ISPASS-2011 Austin, TX, USA 2011-04-10
2011 ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers Ischia, Italy 2011-05-03
IPDPS 2011 Anchorage, Alaska, USA 2011-05-16
MTAAP 2011 Anchorage, Alaska, USA 2011-05-20
HotPar 2011 Berkeley, CA, USA 2011-05-26
MSST 2011 (IEEE Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Tech.) Denver, Colorado, USA 2011-05-26
WOLFHPC2011 Tucson, AZ, USA 2011-05-31
ROSS 2011 Tucson, AZ, USA 2011-05-31
ICCS 2011 Tsukuba, Japan 2011-06-01