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Visiting the ORNL Future Technologies Group

Planning to visit the Future Technologies Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory? We hope these links are useful.

The FT Group is located in NICS, Building 5100, Rooms 233-247.

General Information

  1. Airports: Generally, most people fly into the Knoxville Airport (TYS), and stay in the city of Oak Ridge or in West Knoxville (area around intersection of I-40 and I-140). Nashville is also an option but it is about a two hour drive on I-40 from ORNL. (Note that Nashville is on the Central timezone while Knoxville is in the Eastern timezone.) Driving from Atlanta's airport is about 3.5 hours.
  2. Visitors will need a rental car.
  3. Visitors must check in at the ORNL Visitor Center on the first day of their visit.
  4. Parking at ORNL: Visitors can park in the Visitor lot, which is immediately outside the visitor center. If this lot is full, parking is available in the large, Conference Center parking lot due north of the visitor center. (From the visitor center, drive back toward the roundabout, and instead of turning onto Bethel Valley Road from the roundabout, exit north to the Conference Center parking lot. It is less than 200 meters from the visitor center.) See

DOE Badges

  • If you already have a DOE standard badge (non-site-specific), it does work here at ORNL.
  • HOWEVER, we would recommend that you get an ORNL badge. Without an ORNL badge, you will not receive a prox card to enter buildings (so you will always need an ingress escort), and you will not be able to use our visitor WIRELESS network.

Computer Access, Laptops and Cell Phones

  1. Generally speaking, visitors can bring their cell phones and laptops onsite.
  2. Visitors have access to the ORNL Visitor Wireless Network for the duration of their stay.


  1. The ORNL Cafeteria is open during breakfast and lunch.


The area has a variety of hotels in Oak Ridge, West Knoxville, and Knoxville. Oak Ridge is closer, but it has a smaller selection of hotels and restaurants. West Knoxville is located about one half the way between ORNL and the airport, and it has a large number of hotels and restaurants. Downtown Knoxville is a considerably longer drive to the lab (~45 min), but it has convenient access to the University of Tennesse-Knoxville, downtown restaurants, and many hotels.

Directions and Maps

Directions to ORNL

Directions to FT Offices

  1. Follow the directions from the guard gate to the ORNL Visitor Center (Building 5200).
  2. Our building (5100) is directly west of the Visitor Center, directly across the lawn and visitor parking area (~100 yards).
  3. Enter 5100 using your proxy card.
  4. Future Technologies is located on the second floor of 5100 in offices 232-238.
  5. If you have any trouble, please contact Jeffrey Vetter (group leader) at 865-576-7115 or Tammy Darland (group secretary) at 865-574-1936.

Google Map

Long Term Housing Options for Visitors

  1. ORISE short term housing guide - general lists of apartments and other resources.
  2. NOTE: For those students coming to ORNL under the SULI program, ORISE will handle your housing arrangements.
  3. NOTE: Many apartments are unfurnished unless an expensive corporate option is choosen. Aaron's Corporate Furnishings can provide bedroom, living room and dining room furniture for a monthly payment of $99. This is called their Manager's Special and details about this special can be found online or through a representative.

Selection of Apartment Complexes including some comments

  • Lovell Crossing Apartment Homes - gated community, not furnished, fully equipped luxury kitchen, full-size washer and dryer in every unit, fitness center, swimming pools, next to Turkey Creek
  • The Commons at Knoxville - luxury student apartments, furnished, near University of Tennessee Knoxville campus
  • Crowne at Campus Point Apartments - luxury student apartments, furnished, near University of Tennessee Knoxville campus. Apartment Ratings: 50 %
  • Steeplechase Apartments - not furnished, fully equipped kitchen, fitness center, swimming pool
  • Bristol Park (Oak Ridge) - not furnished, newly constructed, default 12 month lease but can be negotiated (at a higher rent per month).
  • Rolling Hills (Oak Ridge) - not furnished, mostly 2Br, few 1Br apartments, normal lease 6 -12 months. Furnished Corporate Units available for 3 months, but cost is substantially higher.
  • Tara Hills (Oak Ridge) - not furnished, shortest lease 6 months.

Yet another Selection of Apartment Complexes

Apartment Guides

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