List of Level 1 Benchmarks

  • BFS - Measures performance for a breadth-first search, a common graph traversal
  • FFT - Measures performance on a 1D Fast Fourier Transform
  • MD - Measures performance for a simple nbody pairwise computation (the Lennard-Jones potential from molecular dynamics)
  • Reduction - Measures performance for a large sum reduction operation using single precision floating point data
  • Scan - Measures performance for an exclusive parallel prefix sum of single precision floating point data
  • SGEMM - Measures performance for device versions of the SGEMM BLAS routine, on a square matrix
  • Sort - Measures performance for a radix sort on unsigned integer key-value pairs
  • Spmv - Measures performance for sparse matrix-dense vector multiplication
  • Stencil2D - Measures performance for a 2D, 9-point single precision stencil computation (includes PCIe transfer)
  • Triad - a version of the stream triad benchmark, measures bandwidth for a large vector dot product operation (includes PCIe transfer)

Problem Sizes

SHOC contains several predefined problem sizes, specified with the -s parameter. The sizes are as follows:

1 - CPUs

2 - Mobile/Integrated GPUs

3 - Discrete GPUs (e.g. GeForce 8 series)

4 - HPC-Focused or Large Memory GPUs (e.g. Tesla Series)

Based on these 4 classes, discrete problem sizes are defined for each benchmark. These sizes represent an attempt to fully stress the hardware, but also enable the suite to run in a reasonable amount of time.

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