February 2007

FT research on FPGAs featured as cover article for March's IEEE Computer

A field-programmable gate array implementation (FPGA) of a molecular dynamics simulation method reduces the microprocessor time-to-solution by a factor of three while using only high-level languages. FPGAs are a type of logic chip that can be programmed. They are especially popular for prototyping integrated circuit designs. Once the design is set, hardwired chips are produced for faster performance. The application speedup on FPGA devices increases as the problem size increases.


FT leading SC07's Disruptive Technologies activity

The annual SC conferences have traditionally been housed the latest technologies for high-end computing. The Exotic Technologies initiative at SC06 allowed conference participants to ponder what technologies will dominate high-performance computing at SC 2020. At SC07, this event is called "Disruptive Technologies." Disruptive Technologies will feature an exhibit area and two speaker panels at SC07, taking place Nov. 10-16, 2007, at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, NV.  For more information, see this HPCwire article.