November 2007

Junqing Sun wins SC07 ACM Student Research Poster Competition

As part of Future Technologies Reconfigurable Computing (FPGA) research initiative, Junqing Sun, in collaboration with Olaf Storaasli (ORNL) and Greg Peterson (UT) has completed his PhD thesis, entitled High Performance Reconfigurable Computing for Linear Algebra: Design and Performance Analysis from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Tennessee.


ORNL FT Group to give PPoPP'08 tutorial on Extreme-Scale Parallel I/O

The ORNL Future Technologies group with personnel from the ORNL National Center for Computational Sciences are to give a tutorial on parallel I/O for extreme-scale platforms such as the Cray XT, IBM Blue Gene, and ultra-scale Linux clusters. We will share our experiences and lessons learned from characterizing and optimizing I/O on these platforms, and discuss directions and issues that need to be addressed for I/O at the unprecedented scale needed for petaflop and even exaflop systems. Join us on February 23, 2008 in Salt Lake City for this enlightening, in-depth discussion.


FT updates its MPI-IO driver for Lustre

To meet the increasing interest of the community, the IO working group at Future Technologies Group has posted an updated version (v03) of its MPI-IO driver for Lustre. This version is made compliant with the latest MPICH2-1.0.6p1 release, along with other feature enhancements.  For more information, see our IO project page.