May 2009

ORNL and Sun Researchers Demonstrate Parallel NFS Over Lustre at IPDPS 2009

Researchers from the Future Technologies group at ORNL (Jeffrey Vetter and Weikuan Yu) and at Sun Microsystems (Oleg Drokin) have designed and implemented the first prototype of Parallel NFS over the scalable Lustre file system. Parallel NFS (pNFS) is an emergent open standard for parallelizing data transfer over a variety of I/O protocols. In a paper presented at the 23rd IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, the team presented the design, implementation, and evaluation of lpNFS, a Lustre-based Parallel NFS.


ORNL Researchers accelerate materials application with Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)

In a recent article in the journal ‘Parallel Computing,’ a team of ORNL researchers (Jeremy S. Meredith, Gonzalo Alvareza, Thomas A. Maier, Thomas C. Schulthess, Jeffrey S. Vetter) show how they have accelerated the Quantum Monte Carlo simulation code, named DCA++, using graphics processing units (GPUs) as general-purpose computational devices (also known as GP-GPUs). While initially designed for real time rendering, the high performance and relatively low cost makes GPUs a desirable target for scientific computation.


ORNL researcher brings scalable tool infrastructure to Cray XT

At the Cray Users Group (CUG) 2009 annual meeting in Atlanta, Philip Roth of the ORNL Future Technologies Group gave a presentation titled "Scalable Tool Infrastructure for the Cray XT Using Tree-Based Overlay Networks." Roth described his recent work in bringing the MRNet infrastructure to the Cray XT platform, including support for a new MRNet process placement strategy that co-locates all MRNet processes on compute nodes with application processes.