DESTINY 3D cache modeling tool released

Oak Ridge National Lab, Penn State, and UCSB are pleased to announce the release of DESTINY (a 3D dEsign-Space exploraTIon tool for SRAM, eDRAM and Non-volatile memorY). DESTINY is a tool for modeling both 2D and 3D caches designed with five prominent conventional and emerging memory technologies: SRAM, eDRAM (embedded DRAM), PCM (or PCRAM), STT-RAM (or STT-MRAM) and ReRAM (or RRAM). DESTINY is intended to be a comprehensive tool, extending the capabilities of CACTI, CACTI-3DD, and NVSim, on which DESTINY is based. It can be used to model technology devices ranging from 22nm to 180nm. DESTINY has been validated against several commercial prototypes.

DESTINY is available as open-source software at

Also, the following DATE-2015 paper provides a general introduction of DESTINY and describes the tool in more detail: Matthew Poremba, Sparsh Mittal, Dong Li, Jeffrey S. Vetter and Yuan Xie, "DESTINY: A Tool for Modeling Emerging 3D NVM and eDRAM caches", Design Automation and Test in Europe (DATE), 2015. (Download the publication at Further, DESTINY has been highlighted on ReRAM forum.