A Survey Of Cache Bypassing Techniques

TitleA Survey Of Cache Bypassing Techniques
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMittal, Sparsh
JournalMDPI Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications (Special issue on Energy-efficient and Scalable Embedded Memories for Future Technologies)
Date Published2016
KeywordsCache bypassing, classification, CPU, CPU-GPU heterogeneous system, Dead block prediction, GPU, Non-volatile Memory, Review, Selective caching

With increasing core-count, the cache demand of modern processors has also increased. However, due to strict area/power budgets and presence of poor data-locality workloads, blindly scaling cache capacity is both infeasible and ineffective. Cache bypassing is a promising technique to increase effective cache capacity without incurring power/area costs of a larger sized cache. However, injudicious use of cache bypassing can lead to bandwidth congestion and increased miss-rate and hence, intelligent techniques are required to harness its full potential. This paper presents a survey of cache bypassing techniques for CPUs, GPUs and CPU-GPU heterogeneous systems, and for caches designed with SRAM, non-volatile memory (NVM) and die-stacked DRAM. By classifying the techniques based on key parameters, it underscores their differences and similarities. We hope that this paper will provide insights into cache bypassing techniques and associated tradeoffs and will be useful for computer architects, system designers and other researchers.

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