Junqing Sun wins SC07 ACM Student Research Poster Competition

As part of Future Technologies Reconfigurable Computing (FPGA) research initiative, Junqing Sun, in collaboration with Olaf Storaasli (ORNL) and Greg Peterson (UT) has completed his PhD thesis, entitled High Performance Reconfigurable Computing for Linear Algebra: Design and Performance Analysis from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Tennessee. A key thesis focus, Obtaining High Performance via Lower-Precision FPGA Floating Point Units was presented at Supercomputing 2007 (and won 1st place in the ACM Student Research Poster Competition). Obtaining double precision accuracy via iterative refinement of single precision, an idea heralded by Jack Dongarra (also on Junqing's Ph.D. Committee), has now, for the first time, been shown to significantly reduce computation time on FPGAs while still preserving double precision accuracy.