FT Reports on Low-Overhead Virtualization and Light-Weight Migration of HPC Parallel I/O using Xen and PVFS

FT group members Weikuan Yu and Jeffrey S. Vetter will be presenting their paper "A parallel I/O perspective for Xen-Based HPC" at the Eighth IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid, in Lyon, France. The paper presents an analysis of HPC parallel I/O in a virtualized environment. Using a PVFS-based virtual cluster, the team has analyzed the overheads and migration costs for parallel I/O programs in a Xen-based virtual machine cluster over two different networking protocols: TCP-based Gigabit Ethernet and VMM-bypass InfiniBand. The authors demonstrated that Xen-based HPC environment can support high performance parallel I/O with negligible overheads, and the migration of parallel I/O programs will add little cost to the total execution time.  For more information see the paper.