Meredith wins Gordon Bell Prize

Jeremy Meredith was part of an ORNL team that won the Gordon Bell Prize at SC08 in Austin, Texas. The team led by Thomas Schulthess of ORNL received the prestigious 2008 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Gordon Bell Prize after attaining the fastest performance ever in a scientific supercomputing application: 1.3 petaflops on DCA++, an application that simulates superconducting materials. Meredith's investigation of porting DCA++ to Graphics Processors, like NVIDIA's Tesla, triggered an investigation of the application's requirements for double-precision arithmetic. After careful analysis, the team realized that they could retain accuracy while using single-precision arithmetic for a portion of their calculations. Since single-precision computation is typically faster on today's architectures, the team was able to realize a significant performance improvement from this change. For more informatino, see this press release.