Computing Beyond CPUs: Customizable Path to Performance with Reconfigurable Computing Systems

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Melissa Smith
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Engineering Science & Technology Division, ORNL
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Thu, 2005-04-14 10:00
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ORNL 5100-Room 262
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Jeffrey S. Vetter
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Reconfigurable computing offers the promise of performing computations in hardware to increase performance and efficiency while retaining much of the flexibility of a software solution. Recently, the capacities of reconfigurable computing devices, like FPGAs, have risen to levels that make it possible to execute 64b floating-point operations. SRC Computers has designed the SRC-6 MAPstation to blend the benefits of commodity processors with the benefits of reconfigurable computing. In this tutorial, we will introduce the capabilities of the SRC-6 MAPstation and present our current research and results applying the MAPstation to scientific applications at ORNL. Our early evaluation demonstrates that the SRC-6 provides a unique software stack (including both C and FORTRAN) that is applicable to many scientific applications and our experiments reveal the performance benefits of the system.
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