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ASA-FTL: An adaptive separation aware flash translation layer for solid state drives, Xie, Wei, Chen Yong, and Roth Philip C. , Parallel Computing: Systems and Applications, 01/2017, Volume 61, p.3--17, (2017)
Value Influence Analysis for Message Passing Applications, Roth, Philip C., and Meredith Jeremy S. , 28th ACM International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS'14), Munich, Germany, (2014)
Keeneland: Computational Science Using Heterogeneous GPU Computing, Vetter, Jeffrey S., Glassbrook Richard, Schwan Karsten, Yalamanchili Sudha, Horton Mitch, Gavrilovska Ada, Slawinska Magda, Dongarra Jack, Meredith Jeremy S., Roth Philip C., et al. , Contemporary High Performance Computing: From Petascale Toward Exascale, Volume 1, Boca Raton, p.900, (2013)
Quantifying Architectural Requirements of Contemporary Extreme-Scale Scientific Applications, Vetter, Jeffrey S., Lee Seyong, Li Dong, Marin Gabriel, McCurdy Collin, Meredith Jeremy S., Roth Philip C., and Spafford Kyle , International Workshop on Performance Modeling, Benchmarking and Simulation of HPC Systems (PMBS13) , Denver, CO, (2013)
Tracking a Value's Influence on Later Computation, Roth, Philip C. , 6th Workshop on Productivity and Performance (PROPER 2013), Aachen, Germany, (2013)  (279.01 KB)
Using Pattern-Models to Guide SSD Deployment for Big Data Applications in HPC Systems, Chen, Junjie, Roth Philip C., and Chen Yong , 2013 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE BigData 2013), Santa Clara, California, USA, (2013)
Global-Aware and Multi-Order Context-Based Prefetching for High-Performance Processors, Chen, Y., Zhu H., Roth Philip C., Jin H., and Sun X. - H. , International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, 11/2011, Volume 25, Issue 4, Number 4, p.355–370, (2011)
Keeneland: Bringing Heterogeneous GPU Computing to the Computational Science Community, Vetter, Jeffrey S., Glassbrook R., Dongarra J., Schwan K., Loftis B., McNally S., Meredith Jeremy S., Rogers J., Roth Philip C., Spafford Kyle, et al. , IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering, Volume 13, Issue 5, Number 5, p.90-95, (2011)
LACIO: A New Collective I/O Strategy for Parallel I/O Systems, Chen, Y., Sun X. - H., Thakur R., Roth Philip C., and Gropp W. D. , 25th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium, 5/2011, Anchorage, Alaska, (2011)
Performance Implications of Nonuniform Device Topologies in Scalable Heterogeneous Architectures, Meredith, Jeremy S., Roth Philip C., Spafford Kyle, and Vetter Jeffrey S. , IEEE Micro, 09/2011, Volume 31, Issue 5, p.66–75, (2011)
Probabilistic Communication and I/O Tracing with Deterministic Replay at Scale, Wu, X., Vijayakumar K., Mueller F., Ma X., and Roth Philip C. , 2011 International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP 2011), 9/2011, Taipei, Taiwan, (2011)
Collective Prefetching for Parallel I/O Systems , Chen, Y., and Roth Philip C. , 5th Petascale Data Storage Workshop, 11/2010, New Orleans, LA, (2010)
The Scalable HeterOgeneous Computing (SHOC) Benchmark Suite, Danalis, Anthony, Marin Gabriel, McCurdy Collin, Meredith Jeremy S., Roth Philip C., Spafford Kyle, Tipparaju Vinod, and Vetter Jeffrey S. , ACM Workshop on General-Purpose Processing on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, p.63-74, (2010)
Toward Performance Prediction of Tree-Based Overlay Networks on the Cray XT, Roth, Philip C. , Dagstuhl Seminar on Program Development for Extreme-Scale Computing, Wadern, Germany, (2010)
Using MRNet for Scalable Tool Development on Cray XT, Brim, M. J., Olichandran R., Miller B. P., Roth Philip C., and DeRose L. , Cray User Group 2010, (2010)
HPC Interconnection Networks: The Key to Exascale Computing, Vetter, Jeffrey S., Tipparaju Vinod, Yu Weikuan, and Roth Philip C. , Advances in Parallel Computing: High Speed and Large Scale Scientific Computing, Volume 18, p.95-106, (2009)
Modeling the Office of Science Ten Year Facilities Plan: The PERI Architecture Tiger Team, de Supinski, B., Alam Sadaf R., Bailey D., Carrington L., Daley C., Dubey A., Gamblin T., Gunter D., Hovland P., Jagode H., et al. , Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Proceedings of SciDAC 2009, San Diego, CA, July 14-18, 2009), Volume 180, Issue 012039, (2009)
Scalable I/O Tracing and Analysis, Vijayakumar, K., Mueller F., Ma X., and Roth Philip C. , 2009 Petascale Data Storage Workshop, 11/2009, Portland, Oregon, (2009)
Scalable Tool Infrastructure for the Cray XT Using Tree-Based Overlay Networks, Roth, Philip C., and Vetter Jeffrey S. , 2009 CScADS Workshop on Performance Tools for Petascale Computing, July, Tahoe City, CA, (2009)  (3.49 MB)
Scalable Tool Infrastructure for the Cray XT Using Tree-Based Overlay Networks, Roth, Philip C., and Vetter Jeffrey S. , Cray User Group Meeting (CUG 2009), Atlanta, (2009)
Early Evaluation of IBM BlueGene/P, Alam, Sadaf R., Barrett Richard, Bast Michael, Fahey Mark R., Kuehn Jeffrey, McCurdy Collin, Rogers James, Roth Philip C., Sankaran Ramanan, Vetter Jeffrey S., et al. , SC08: International Conference High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis, Austin, TX, (2008)
An Evaluation of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Cray XT3, Alam, Sadaf R., Barrett Richard F., Fahey Mark R., Kuehn Jeffery A., Bronson Messer O. E., Mills Richard T., Roth Philip C., Vetter Jeffrey S., and Worley P. H. , International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, February 1, 2008, Volume 22, Issue 1, p.52-80, (2008)