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Report from the Workshop on Software Development Tools for Petascale Computing (SDTPC), Vetter, Jeffrey S., Johnson Fred, Hoang Thuc, de Supinski Bronis, Miller Bart, Zosel Mary, Coghlan Susan, Geist Al, Hollingsworth Jeffrey, Janssen Curtis, et al. , Washington, DC, (2007)
Power Management Techniques for Data Centers: A Survey, Mittal, Sparsh , Oak Ridge, (2014)
MANAGER: A Multicore Shared Cache Energy Saving Technique for QoS Systems, Mittal, Sparsh, and Zhang Zhao , Iowa, USA, (2013)  (167.35 KB)
LastingNVCache: Extending the Lifetime of Non-volatile Caches using Intra-set Wear-leveling, Mittal, Sparsh, Vetter Jeffrey S., and Li Dong , ORNL technical report, (2014)  (142.52 KB)
IAA Interconnection Networks Workshop 2008, Hemmert, K. S., Vetter Jeffrey S., Bergman K., Das C., Emami A., Janssen C., Panda D. K., Stunkel C., Underwood K., and Yalamanchili S. , Oak Ridge, TN, p.24, (2008)
Finite Difference Stencils Implemented Using Chapel, Barrett, R. F., Roth Philip C., and Poole S. W. , Number TM-2007/119, Oak Ridge, TN, (2007)
ENLIVE: A Write-minimization Technique For Improving the Lifetime of Non-volatile Caches, Mittal, Sparsh, and Vetter Jeffrey , 06/2015, Number ORNL/TM-2015/232, Oak Ridge, TN, USA, (2015)
Performance Technologies for Peta-Scale Systems: A White Paper Prepared by the Performance Evaluation Research Center and Collaborators, Bailey, David H., de Supinski Bronis, Dongarra Jack, Dunigan Thomas, Gao Guang, Hoisie Adolfy, Hovland Paul, Hollingsworth Jeffrey, Jefferson David, Kamath Chandrika, et al. , (2003)
Performance Modeling, Metrics and Specifications: Report of High End Computing Revitalization Task Force (HECRTF) Working Group Six, Ashby, S., Bailey D. H., Blackmon M., Bohrer P., Cameron K., DeTar C., Dongarra J., Dwoyer D., Freeman P., Gheith A., et al. , (2003)
Performance Metrics for High End Computing, Vetter, Jeffrey S., Windus Theresa L., and Gorda Brent , (2003)
Performance Analysis, Scalability Assessment and Optimizations for High-End Computing Platforms, Mueller, Frank, Lowenthal David, Vetter Jeffrey S., and Freeh Vincent , (2003)
GLYPHMAKER: An Interactive, Programmerless Approach for Customizing, Exploring, and Analyzing Visual Data Representatives, Ribarsky, William, Tumblin Jack, Newton Gregory, Nowicki Robert, and Vetter Jeffrey S. , Number GIT-GVU-93-26, (1994)
Exploring Design Space of 3D NVM and eDRAM Caches Using DESTINY Tool, Mittal, Sparsh, Poremba Matthew, Vetter Jeffrey, and Xie Yuan , (2015)  (372.48 KB)
Evaluation of the SGI Altix 3700 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Agarwal, PK, Bauer D., Chandramohan P., Dunigan T., Fann G., Jaeger F., Kora G., Meunier V., Samatova N. F., Studham Scott R., et al. , (2004)
Computational Challenges in Nuclear Weapons Simulation, McMillan, Charles F., Adams Thomas F., McCoy Michel G., Christensen Randy B., Pudliner Brian S., Zika Michael R., Brantley Patrick S., Vetter Jeffrey S., and May John M. , Number UCRL-JC-155202, (2003)
Journal Article
WIREFRAME: Supporting Data-dependent Parallelism through Dependency Graph Execution in GPUs, Abdolrashidi, AmirAli, Tripathy Devashree, Belviranli Mehmet Esat, Bhuyan Laxmi Narayan, and Wong Daniel , 2017 50th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO), (2017)
Whole-Volume Integrated Gyrokinetic Simulation of Plasma Turbulence in Realistic Diverted-Tokamak Geometry, Chang, C. - S., Ku S. - H., Diamond P. H., Adams M. F., Barreto R. D., Chen Y., Cummings J. C., D'azevedo E. F., Dif-Pradalier G., Ethier S., et al. , Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 180, (2009)
Visualization and Analysis-Oriented Reconstruction of Material Interfaces, Meredith, Jeremy S., and Childs Hank , Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 29, Number 3, p.1241–1250, (2010)
Using FPGA Devices to Accelerate Biomolecular Simulations, Alam, S. R., Agarwal Pratul K., Smith Melissa C., Vetter Jeffrey S., and Caliga David , IEEE Computer, Volume 40, Issue 2, p.66-73, (2007)
Toward a First-Principles Integrated Simulation of Tokamak Edge Plasmas, Chang, C. - S., Klasky S. A., Cummings J. C., Samtaney R., Shoshani A., Sugiyama L. E., Keyes D. E., Ku S. - H., Park G., Parker S. E., et al. , Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 125, Issue 012042, (2008)
Techniques for High-Performance Computational Steering, Vetter, Jeffrey S., and Schwan Karsten , IEEE Concurrency, Volume 7, Number 4, p.63–74, (1999)
A Technique For Improving Lifetime of Non-volatile Caches using Write-minimization, Mittal, Sparsh, and Vetter Jeffrey , MDPI Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications (Special issue on Energy-efficient and Scalable Embedded Memories for Future Technologies), (2016)
Symbolic Performance Modeling of HPCS Applications, Alam, S. R., Bhatia Nikhil, and Vetter Jeffrey S. , Cyberinfrastructure Technology Watch, Volume 2, Issue 4B, (2006)
A Survey of Techniques for Modeling and Improving Reliability of Computing Systems, Mittal, Sparsh, and Vetter Jeffrey , IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), Volume 27, Issue 4, p.1226-- 1238, (2016)