Scientific Visualization and Analysis

The Future Technologies group has several ongoing efforts in the areas of scientific visualization and analysis.

The Extreme-scale Analysis and Visualization Library (EAVL) project explores methods of addressing the needs of scientific analysis for the next generation hardware and software ecosystem.  EAVL includes advanced data models, support extreme concurrency, and techniques for algorithmic efficiency.

The group is also participating in the Scientific Data Management, Analysis, and Visualization Center (SDAV), part of the SciDAC program.  SDAV bridges the gap between state of the art techniques and production tools to to help leadership computing applications extract scienctific results from their data.

Ongoing efforts explore domain-specific needs, such as for the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences.  One project extended VisIt, a production visualization application, to include a comprehensive suite of tools for molecular and atomic data.  Details and results from that project are available here on the VisIt User's Wiki.