Members of the Future Technologies Group are actively involved in software development. Over the years, we have developed or made sizable contributions to the following software packages:


  1. SHOC - Scalable Heterogeneous Computing Benchmark Suite is a scalable set of benchmarks that measure important scientific kernels using MPI and OpenCL - FT Group - Pub, SHOC Page

Programming Models, System Software

  1. ARMCI - Aggregate Remote Memory Copy library provides general-purpose, efficient, and widely portable remote memory access (RMA) operations (one-sided communication) optimized for contiguous and noncontiguous (strided, scatter/gather, I/O vector) data transfers - Vinod Tipparaju - home page

  2. AutoPilot (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) - Toolkit for developing adaptive system software - Jeffrey Vetter - publication

  3. Autopilot (KBS Software) - Automated system performance tuner - Philip Roth - KBS Software1)

  4. DataExchange - Communication infrastructure supporting high performance interactive and collaborative applications - Jeffrey Vetter - paper

  5. Global Arrays - Efficient and portable “shared-memory” programming interface for distributed-memory computers - Vinod Tipparaju - home page
  6. GrADS - Support for deploying numerical libraries for the grid within GrADS project - Kenneth Roche - ICL GrADS page
  7. LA-MPI - The Los Alamos Message Passing Interface - Weikuan Yu - home page
  8. MRNet - Tree-based overlay network for scalable tools and applications - Philip Roth - home page
  9. MVAPICH/MVAPICH2 - MPI over InfiniBand and iWARP - Weikuan Yu - home page

Performance and Correctness Tools

  1. mpiP - Lightweight, scalable MPI profiling tool - Jeffrey Vetter, Philip Roth - home page
  2. Modeling Assertions - Toolkit for building symbolic performance models of scientific applications - Jeffrey Vetter, Sadaf Alam
  3. Pablo - Parallel performance measurement and analysis tool - Philip Roth, Jeffrey Vetter - home page
  4. Paradyn - Parallel performance tool with automated performance diagnosis - Philip Roth - home page
  5. Umpire - Runtime correctness tool for MPI applications - Jeffrey Vetter

Parallel Storage and Filesystems

  1. NFS over RDMA - Open Solaris NFS over RDMA - Weikuan Yu - home page
  2. OPAL - Opportunistic MPI-IO Driver for Lustre - Weikuan Yu, Jeffrey Vetter - publication; code released in MVAPICH & MPICH2

Numerical Software

  1. GPS (General-Purpose Solver) - Solves [A]{x} = {B} for Sparse/Dense, Real/Complex Matrix coefficients - Olaf Storaasli2)
  2. LAPACK for Clusters - Easy to use, high-performance LAPACK routines for distributed memory computers - Kenneth Roche - home page


  1. VisIt - Parallel visualization and graphical analysis tool - Jeremy Meredith - home page

Memory Device Modeling Tools

  1. DESTINY - A 3D design-space exploration tool for SRAM, eDRAM and non-volatile memory - Source-code available here; Technical report is here, which is an extension of our DATE 2015 paper

1) Roth was part of the Autopilot development team when it was a product sold by Chen Systems, Inc. Autopilot is now sold and maintained by KBS Software, LLC.
2) Olaf developed GPS while at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA assisted by NASA contractor Majdi Baddourah, now at ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia.