SC13 hosted a compelling collection of Birds of a Feather (BOFs) sessions. The session organizers for many (but not all) of the SC13 BOF sessions have provided a report describing their session for those who might not have been able to attend. Links to the reports that were provided are given on this page. Some of the documents contain a report describing the session, while others are simply the collection of slides presented during the session.

Please send questions or comments about a particular report to the contact person for the associated BOF session. Send questions or comments about this page of reports to Philip C. Roth, the SC13 BOFs chair, at For questions about the current (or upcoming) year's SC BOFs, contact the current SC BOFs chair at

Andrè Brinkmann Exascale IO Initiative: Progress Status Report
Morris Jette Slurm User Group Meeting Report
Kenneth Hoste Getting Scientific Software Installed: Tools and Best Practices Report
Richard Barrett Codesign for the Department of Energy's Computational Science Community Report
Steven Gordon Opportunities and Barriers for Computational Science Education Report
Beth R. Tibbitts Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) Report
Pavan Balaji MPICH: A High-Performance Open-Source MPI Implementation Report
Erich Strohmaier TOP500 Supercomputers Report
Fernanda Foertter Women in HPC Around the World Report
Luc Renambot Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment (SAGE) for Global Collaboration Report
Luigi Brochard Maximize Data Center Power Efficiency through Energy Aware Computing Report
David Beer TORQUE: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going Report
Marie-Christine Sawley Library of Mini-Applications for Exascale Component-Based Performance Modelling Report
Vijay Saraswat New Developments in the APGAS Programming Model and X10 Report
Martin C. Herbordt Reconfigurable Supercomputing Report
Jeffrey M. Squyres Open MPI State of the Union Report
Abhishek Gupta Asynchronous and Adaptive Parallel Programming with Charm++ Report
Thomas Lippert Building on the European Exascale Approach Report
Jack Wells High-Performance Communications for High-Performance Computing Report
Lauren L. Smith PGAS: The Partitioned Global Address Space Programming Model Report
Michael J. Ellsworth, Jr. Best Practices for Commissioning Liquid Cooling Infrastructure Report
Andreas Schreiber Python for High Performance and Scientific Computing Report
Robert S. Germain Integration of NVM Technologies in HPC Architectures: Challenges and Opportunities Report
Fukuko Yuasa High Precision Arithmetic Operations: Libraries and Applications Report
Tony Allen Defining BigData: Industry Views on Real-Time Data, Analytics, and HPC Technologies to Bring Them Together Report
Jeremy Kepner The 2013 HPC Challenge Awards Report
Shreyas Cholia HPC and the Web Report
David Hiatt Early Experiences Developing and Debugging on the Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor Report
Michael K. Patterson Total Power Usage Effectiveness: A New Take on PUE Report
James C. Browne SUPReMM: Comprehensive Open Source Resource Management Report
Dong H. Ahn Techniques and Strategies for Extreme Scale Debugging Report
Beth Plale Big Data and HPC: Exploring Role of Research Data Alliance (RDA) Report
William Tang G8 Extreme Scale and Big Data Program: Progress on Current Exascale Projects and Future Funding Opportunities Report
David Stack Trends in Small HPC Center Management Report
George Ostrouchov Super-R: Supercomputing and R for Data-Intensive Analysis Report
Robert Grossman Collaborative Opportunities with the Open Science Data Cloud Report
Mark Fahey Drilling Down: Understanding User-Level Activity on Today's Supercomputers Report
Thomas Ludwig Cost-Benefit Quantification for HPC: An Inevitable Challenge Report
Vivek Sarkar The Open Community Runtime (OCR) Framework for Exascale Systems Report
Robert W. Wisniewski Towards Exascale Runtime Systems: Challenges and Opportunities Report
Robert Grossman The UDT Forum: A Community for UDT Developers and Users Report
David Henty HPC Training Perspectives and Collaborations from PRACE (Europe), XSEDE (US) and RIKEN AICS (Japan) Report
John Langston Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Report
Tim Mattson OpenCL: Version 2.0 and Beyond Report
Barbara Chapman Heterogeneous Computing Platforms: Merging HPC and Embedded Report
Martin Schulz The Message Passing Interface: Version 3.0 and What Comes Next? Report
Sung-Eun Choi Chapel Lightning Talks 2013 Report
Lucy Nowell Big Data, Big Compute: Data-Intensive and Extreme-Scale Computing Report
Sunita Chandrasekaran Evolution of and Experiences with OpenACC Report
Gary Skouson Petascale Systems with Intel Xeon Phi Co-Processors Report
Marlon Pierce Science and Scientific Workflows: Putting Workflows to Work Report
Bronis R. de Supinski OpenMP Goes Heterogeneous With OpenMP 4.0 Report
Kimberley A. Dillman Creating a Training Roadmap for New Computational Consultants and Their Users Report
Laurel Wamsley Campus Bridging with XSEDE and Globus Online Report
Shuo Li Application Migration and Performance Expectation for Manycore Programming Report
Laura Carriere Coprocessors, GPUs, MICs: Enticing Users to Jump onto Accelerators Report
Geoffrey C. Fox Community MOOC's for Computing Technologies and Applications Report
Erich Strohmaier The Green500 List and Its Evolution Report
Pavan Balaji Critically Missing Pieces in Heterogeneous Accelerator Computing Report
Pavan Balaji Application Grand Challenges in the Heterogeneous Accelerator Era Report
Adam J. Hough HPC Systems Engineering and Administration Report